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All you wanted to know about hormonal acne

by Tvakh India Admin on September 25, 2019

We all know once you are a teenager, along with puberty, acne also comes along. Almost every teenager has to deal with atleast one whitehead or blackhead. However, one can continue to have acne even in adulthood.

Read on to know more about this.

    Hormones and heredity are the main culprits which bring about acne. When one hits puberty, oil glands which are around one's hair follicles tend to enlarge.

    As oil production increases, the ducts surrounding one's follicles become clogged and this leads to formation of a blackhead or a whitehead. Generally, pimples or blackheads clear up in a few days but for some acne can lead to painful lesions. Acne can even hit you when you are an adult.

    The major factor behind acne in adults is the hormone testosterone.

    It tends to increases sebum production at the base of one's hairs and this is why the glands which secrete oil are sensitive to testosterone.

    Now you must be wondering what is the best way to deal with acne. The first step in this process is to determine the kind of acne you are having. There are four types of acne; whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and cysts. 

    Go through these amazing tips and tricks to deal with acne:

    1. If you are planning to see an esthetician, schedule your appointment two weeks before you get down.
    2. A detox pink clay mask is a great option when it comes to dealing with acne because it works well for pore reduction and you can also go for a sandalwood mask as it helps in controlling oil production. You must use this one during the onset of acne or close to your cycle.
    3. Vitamin C glow booster water is your best bet as it has salicylic and glycolic acid which help in keeping the pores open and also drying up excess oil,followed by anti acne gel containing anit bacterial agents that dries up oil and comedones. 
    4. You must avoid dairy, seaweed, peanuts and kelp.

    Now that you know everything about acne, go ahead get the right treatment and you will surely get that glowing skin.

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