Vegan Beauty Pillow Cover-Bamboo Satin

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A Pure Bamboo pillowcase, which in our biased opinion is one of the smartest beauty products you can invest in.

Here's why: Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes friction between your skin and the pillow, which results in sleep creases. Over time these sleep creases turn into permanent wrinkles. 

But with a pure silky soft satin pillowcase, crease lines don't exist. Since there is no friction, tugging or pulling with pure satin, your gorgeous face can glide effortlessly over the pillow all night. This fabric is different from the ordinary satin because its crafted from Organic Bamboowhich extremely gentle on your skin and hair as they are on the planet. It is so soft that you really cannot stop running your fingers across it.

  •    Environmentally-friendly material
  •    Made from 100% pure Bamboo pulp
  •    Temperature-regulating
  •    Protects your hair while you sleep
  •    Prevents sleep wrinkles
  •    Super smoothing and silky soft material
  •    Prevents dryness of hair and skin in winters and summers
  •    Vegan & cruelty free
Size: 20x30 inches
No of Pcs: 1 per box

Easy Care & Durable
Our luxury pillow cover can be tossed right into the washing machine without the fear of fading or shrinkage. Machine washed on a gentle cycle in cold water with soft detergent and air dry.

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