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Skin it real is the movement of skin positivity to go bare-faced in your skincare journey with raw insecurities and words of encouragement.

You don't have to be perfect to be beautiful, but above all, perfection does not exist.

From pigmented and pitted scars to cystic breakouts and whiteheads, skin it real embraces "real" skin in all its glory.

Let’s choose not to see skin blemishes and conditions as something to hide, but rather as something to embrace.

We invite you to accept and show your real skin "without filters"


You're not alone.

You don’t need to hide.

Skin It Real (6)

Skin Tint Super Serum -SPF 40

Rs. 1,015.00

Antioxidant Glow serum Hybrid

An instant dewy glow that lasts without stickiness of an oil. Guaranteed!
Rs. 799.00

11% Mandelic Acid serum

Rs. 899.00

10% Azealic Acid Emulsion

Rs. 899.00

High Potency Moisturizer

Rs. 890.00

Miracle Green juice cleanser

Rs. 690.00