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Acne Purifying Pink Clay Face Mask → Fruit Enzymes + Natural AHA
Acne Purifying Pink Clay Face Mask → Fruit Enzymes + Natural AHA
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Acne Purifying Pink Clay Face Mask → Fruit Enzymes + Natural AHA

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    Congested pores? Unmask your best skin with our Pink clay facial mask, one of the few targeted masks for your complexion concerns. A wash-off creamy mud base mask that cleans pore and soothes down skin locking in moisture. Creamy mask that works to purify, brighten, and revitalize with Vitamin C and rosehip seed oil  for a clearer-looking, radiant complexion.

    Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin due to the gentle ingredients that help to balance complexion, unclog pores and reduce inflammation. 

    Great for oily skin
    Pink clay has an affinity to dirt, and therefore cleans the skin really well. Rose clay along with our
    Witch hazel Distillate, make a great mask for open pores.
    Great Exfoliator
    Pink clay is known to be a great exfoliator of the skin. With higher iron content, it is known
    to be better than the White Kaolin Clay to remove the dead cells from the skin.
    Great for tanned skin
    If you are worried about the tan then pink clay mask works like miracle it has
    anti tan properties. It clears tanned dark skin and reveal brighter skin.
    Maintains PH level
    This face mask helps in maintaining skin’s level of PH pulls out dirt and
    toxins from the pores and keep a check on breakouts

    Research results:
    In a self-scored test on 13 women, upon application the women reported:
    - 20% Decrease in pore appearance
    - 25% Increase in complexion purity
    - 24% Increase in matte look of skin

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Vinit Monga
    Pink Clay Face Mask

    I have used different clay masks. Some have been good no doubt, but Tvakh takes the cake. Creamy texture it doesn't require much to apply and still is thick where as in others one has to apply more for a thicker coating. Tvakh dries easily and quickly too and gives a clean feeling to the skin.
    A suggestion: Tvakh India should relook at their minimum amount for free shipping. Others are doing from ₹ 500/- onwards

    Vaidarbhi Patel

    It was great

    pooja gupta Gupta

    Tottly empresse

    Pratiusha Lenka

    Its amazing,its good for acne porn skin

    Gauri Shanware

    Acne Purifying Pink Clay Face Mask → Fruit Enzymes + Natural AHA


    Natural minerals to purify the skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

    Skincare Concerns: Dullness and Uneven Texture, Pores, Oiliness, and Redness

    Brightening effect by removing tan, dirt & impurities

    Reduce signs of dark spots, uneven skin tone, pigmentation & wrinkles

    Australian Kakdu Plum Fades dark spots and acne marks.


    Designed using a polyvalent emulsion, containing actives from Chaulmoogra Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Manuka Oil, and Magnolia Bark that provide a strong anti-inflammatory and acne controlling activity, along with down regulating sebum production.

    Pink clay works to draw out impurities and absorbs oil to encourage a healthier looking complexion with minimizing the appearance of pores.

    All Ingredients
    Aqua, Pink Clay, Calamine powder, Bentonite, Spring water, Potassium Lauroyl Wheat Amino Acids, Glycerin, Trehalose,Taraktogenos Kurzii Seed Oil, Allantoin, Rosa Damascena Flower water, Nigella Sativa Seed Oil, Leptospermum Scoparium Branch/Leaf Oil, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) extract, Palm Glycerides, Capryloyl Glycine, Magnolia Grandiflora Bark Extract, Glycyrrhiza glabra extract, Rosa Canina (Rose hip) seed oil, Limonene, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Pottasium Sorbate, Sodium Levullinate.